Todd is not a studious academic; which means we have a book with a friendly, easy-to-read, style. This doesn’t, however, mean that accuracy or depth of knowledge is lacking. Todd has researched many aspects behind his discoveries, including the history of the Colossus; its method of construction; and its cargo.

Inevitably much of the book is written in the first person, but sometimes the author puts himself in the shoes of the characters involved in the story; and tries to recreate their thoughts and emotions as events unfold around them. What was Captain Murray's thought processes as his ship lay precariously at anchor amidst a storm in the Isles of Scilly? How did the ordinary sailors feel as their mighty warship ran aground and caos engulfed them? How did the local Scillonians act as they tried to save lives and yet need the wreck to improve their impoverished lives?

Todd has a very personal style of writing which makes Wreck of the Colossus such an enjoyable read. This is no boring list of events and artefacts found. It is the unfolding tale of a ship and its fate, and an East End lad living his dream at Scilly.

Todd Stevens

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